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  1. The Smiths Pesotum Il. Love this place highlight of our rt 66 trip. Food was fantastic. Would like some more souvenirs, Possible to buy a menu that’s been taken out of use for our collection? Please e-mail. Also recipe for the cake that had the milk in it? Fantastic.

  2. The best coconut cream pie I’ve ever tasted! It was to die for. The best food on Route 66 by far. Great place to stop and visit. NZ visitor

  3. My husband and I ate at the Ariston last week, and by far the best part was the bread (white with sesame seeds). I bought a loaf upon our departure from the restaurant and made grilled cheese sandwiches last night. It’ the best bread I’ve had in a long time. Is it possible for me to buy more? If so, please advise by sending me an e-mail response. Your e-mail was not anywhere I could find on the website.

    Thank you,

    Stacy James
    Lincoln, NE

  4. We were visiting from Michigan and stopped to spend the night in Litchfield. As we searched nearby caches we found the Rt66:IL The Ariston Story – GC1EJND. We have traveled different sections of Rt 66 from Chicago to LA and always enjoy the geocaches that highlight the mother road as we travel. The cache owner did a fantastic job of writing about the history of this fantastic restaurant. We were really glad we visited for dinner and brought back our dessert choices for later in the evening.

  5. My girlfriend and I meet half way in Litchfield on occasion as I am from St.Louis and she is from Decatur, we finally decided to give your café a try and wow we loved it! First off our young waiter was so knowledgeable and courteous along with the rest of your staff, we for sure are coming back as we also loved the food and the menu has so much on it, looking forward to trying other dishes. We never made it to do dessert but dang they look awesome also! Cant wait to see you all again and keep doing what you are doing! Blessings, Kevin.

  6. I remember this place…and I remember Paul very well. Glad to see it’s still around!

    Matt Hartley

  7. A little over a week ago five of us were in for lunch and we got to talking to Nick about traveling Route 66 and the Rabbit Ranch outside town. I said I was thinking of skipping it but Nick said we should go. Well we did and were we surprised! Nick actually kept a straight face as we talked about possibly bringing some rabbits with us to make a rabbit stew. We were fooled completely.
    We enjoyed the food and atmosphere of your restaurant and if ever we are in the area we will stop again.

  8. Just wanted to say hello and thank you for your wonderful café. We really enjoyed the food. I don’t know if you remember me? I had my 94 year old mother that was in a wheel chair, you opened the door for her. You invited me behind the counter for a picture. Were hoping to come back to Litchfield next summer, we will stop for dinner and say hello. Hope you stay in good health and again, love the ARISTON.

  9. Tonight was the first time I have been there in many years. LOVED IT!!! The food was great, the service was awesome and fast. I will be going back there more often. I don’t have a lot of time to go out to eat, with taking care of my dad, we were in and out in less than 45 min. GREAT PLACE!!! Plus it was very comfortable, not like all the other places in town, thanks for the great meal and good time.

  10. The greatest place ever. I worked there 7 and a half years. The Adam family are very sweet folks. I only wish I would have stayed there. I’m glad I have had the pleasure of working with them and knowing them. Wonderful wonderful people.

  11. Wonderful place to stop! Friendly and homey. We will definitely be stopping back on our next trip! Definitely recommend this place to everyone!

  12. We stopped on our way back home from vacation. Love the old time feel and very good food.

  13. Demi and Nick, The St. Louis Corvette Club always loves to finish a trip up north at The Ariston Café. Great food, great atmosphere and history. Thanks for taking time to talk with us….and I hope you enjoyed your birthday wish we gave you…I hope we were all on key! There is a note and picture I posted on my FB page. I will send you the photo we took with you both. Take care, Bob Kusky

    If ever in Litchfield, Illinois, make sure to stop at historic Ariston Cafe on old Route 66. Demi and Nick Adam are wonderful as is the food. A St. Louis Corvette Club stop when driving America’s historic highway.

  14. My family moved from Chicago in 1949 and we stopped at the cafe for dinner/supper, And my dad and Grandpa had their picture taken with the cafe in the back ground.
    It made the journey better for us little kids.

  15. Prior to a weekend visit for a workshop in Litchfield, I Googled ‘Best Restuarants in Litchfield’ and Ariston was at the top of the list. I can see why.

    Our group of four was blown away with the quality of food and service. If you’re anywhere within 60 miles of Litchfield, get off the beaten path and treat yourself!

    5 STARS.

  16. I enjoyed dinning here while on the First Annual Route 66 Motor Tour in October 2014. I strongly recommend the Ariston for dinner. Outstanding food and service.

  17. Nick and Demi, You meet thousands of Route 66ers every year so I know you probably won’t remember us, but we’re from New Orleans, and we came through Litchfield on June 4th, 2013. Meeting the two of you was one of our greatest joys while travelling 66. We are finishing the Route (Arizona and California) starting this Sunday, and then our plan was to start over again from Chicago in 2016. A second stop at the Ariston in 2016 was one of our main topics of discussion whenever we would talk about the next trip, so you can imagine how disappointed we were to find out you were retiring. Lisa and I would like to wish you the best. If at all possible we’ll contact you when in town next year. Sincerely, Tommy Ory

  18. I’ve read much about the Ariston Café and look forward to my first visit – this summer for sure!

  19. The Ariston is a family favorite as my grandfather, my father, me and now my son have all taken our girlfriends (now wives) to eat there. Family tradition – -
    Thanks – - Russ Gruber

  20. We love Ariston Cafe. On returning from our winter home in South Texas we planed our trip so we could make our first meal back in Illinois at the Ariston . The prime Rib sandwich is the best I’ve ever had. And of course the wonderful dessert tray is outstanding. During the summer we dine there often and always treat our guest to this pleasure. Jean Oppegard & Skip Logan Carlinville, IL.

  21. We stopped in on Saturday, 3/21 around 6 p.m……what a great step back in time when food, service and atmosphere meant everything. The meal was outstanding and Ryan, our service, was tremendous!! We’ll certainly be back again.

  22. We had the pleasure of eating at Ariston on Friday evening a few weeks ago. Food and staff were amazing. Make sure and try the cucumbers and onions.

  23. Dear Nick,
    Thank you for the delicious meal in your historic restaurant. The visit and atmosphere was as supurb as the food! My daughter and her friend are still raving about “the best desserts they’ve ever had.” We all agree that it was well worth the drive from Rockford, Michigan! Thank you again for your hospitality! The Ariston Cafe is truly and experience to remember!

  24. Thank you very much for the birthday cake on our visit in March 2014. I come back in 2017. Dietmar from Germany

  25. We would like to be on your emailing and mailing list.
    We was in your restaurant this last week – on September 30th, and it was our 25th Wedding Anniversary (Ron and I ) – and you took our family’s pictures and we would love to say thank you so much- and we look forward to coming back to your place sometime soon as time permits -and we thank you for the cake that you had for us for our Anniversary . I have had some really bad times with my health and having to have alot of bills for hospitals and medical and doctor expenses .and we truly do thank you for your kindness.

    The Abert family
    Ron, Teresa and Kathy Abert